Why your marketing campaign needs SMART goals

by Basiel

What is SMART?

We’ve all struggled to achieve our goals before. Not because of lack of effort, but rather how are goals have been structured. Anytime you set a goal or you find yourself struggling while working towards it, you have to keep ‘SMART’ in mind. 

  • Specific

A goal has to be specific. Most of the problems in accomplishing targets are caused by a lack of clarity in setting them. The less specific a goal, the more difficult it is to determine how long it will take to complete or measure success. So in order to manage your success, you have to set very clear goals.  

  • Measurable

It is key that your goal is measurable. That way you’ll be able to keep control through the process towards achieving it. You’ll perfectly know how close you are to reaching your objective and what to do to get there. Keep in mind that “how” questions are very important.  

  • Achievable

There’s no point in trying to obtain an impossible aspiration. It’s important that you set your target realistically, otherwise it would be a waste of time, effort and money. It has to be ambitious but still remain possible.  

  • Realistic

After you set your goals, you should reconsider whether they’re realistic and relevant. What will be the impact after acquiring them and how will they help you?

(E.g. Image you want to have your own clothing. With a budget of €500 you won’t be able to make 200 custom sweaters and 100 snapbacks, but you will be able to make 100 awesome socks.)

  • Time bound

Last but not least you have to keep track of timing. How long do you think it will take to realize your objective? Set up deadlines so you know the difference between the schedule you had in mind and your actual timeline.







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The living room became a 600m2 office space with a showroom. The two man team turned into a workforce of more than 30 young and talented individuals who are now designing and producing merchandise for brands and businesses in 43 countries.


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