Why you should sell merchandise at your next event

by Birgit


What merchandise can do for you

There are a lot of advantages to having merchandise at your event. Let us kick off this blog post by giving you two good reasons why merch is just as interesting for your next event as food, decorations and location. 

The first reason is probably the most compelling one: merchandise can be a source of income. Sell T-shirts, sweaters, headwear or socks with your company logo and make a nice profit. The more fun your event is, the more people will want to buy a souvenir.

Secondly, merchandise is an excellent way to extend your brand name beyond this one event. Think about it: pictures will be taken and shared on social media, people will take the merch home and, if it's a good fit and feel, wear it out and about!

Go for memorable and qualitative merchandise

Make sure your merchandise matches your brand. Your brand isn't ordinary, fast and cheap, is it? Don't go with lighters, pens or notepads: these products are overdone and people tend to not value these products anymore.

Instead, we would urge you to pick qualitative, wearable and useful products. Our trending products on events are t-shirts, caps and hoodies. We also advise you to label your merchandise. Labels are a really simple addition to your merchandise and take your product to the next level. 

Ostend Beach Trucker Cap

How to price your event merch

Now, pricing is a tricky one. Of course, you want people to buy your merchandise, but if you sell at a low price, people might think that your merchandise is of low quality. If you price your products too high, people will think your main concern is making a profit.

So choose qualitative textile and a good partner who has experience in printing textile. Discover the possibilities to print your textile: screen printing,  digital printing and embroidery are the 3 most common techniques. Make sure that you know the differences, the pros and the cons of these three printing techniques.

So if you choose for quality merchandise (after reading this far, we assume you will), this is a pricing guideline for products sold within the Benelux:

  • Headwear (caps & beanies): 25-35 €
  • T-shirt: 20-30 €
  • Sweater: 50-70 €

Spread the word!

If you want to sell merchandise, people first have to know that it exists! Create promotion and buzz. Social media is your best friend to get the word out there. Communicate creatively, and tell the story of your merchandise. Maybe organise a giveaway to get the ball rolling? 

E-commerce is also a viable way to increase your sales. Set up a basic web shop and make sure people can buy the merch with a maximum of three clicks. Also, most people love to check out what's for sale before going to an event. 

Create an experience

Now that we established you should offer qualitative merch, let's talk about how to sell it the day of the event. The merchandise booth at your event has to be excellent. Customer experience is the key. 

Make sure the booth is staffed by competent, friendly people who, of course, should be wearing the merchandise themselves. Take the selection of who to put in the booth seriously, these people represent your brand. There should be no room for rude or lazy people.

People will want to try on the merch, make sure there's a small private space with a mirror where they can do so. There's no use in selling t-shirts or hoodies that are too big or too small, because you want people to actually wear your merch.

Make sure paying is easy. There's a ton of fast and safe options nowadays, look into possibilities for cash payment, payment by card and online payment. Keep in mind that most people prefer not to carry a lot of cash nowadays.

Hype-O-Dream Merchandise Booth

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Create a fantastic customer experience with custom merchandise for your next event! Read on to learn how to create fans with your merchandise and how to get as much ROI as possible through merchandise. 

Based on our experience in events, we can share you the best insights and strategies that work for every event. Download our e-book full of practical tips & tricks to boost your income with merchandise.

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Good luck! Make your event an unforgettable one!

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