Why Word-of-Mouth marketing is so powerful

Why Word-of-Mouth marketing is so powerful

Word-of-mouth. Everybody knows it. Everybody does it.

Research shows that people discuss 90(!) brands on average per week. That's around 12 to 13 brands a day.

It's 2.45 pm now and I just did the exercise myself.

Not sure if I got them all but I already spoke about Puma, Rayban, Deliveroo, Mercedes, Decathlon, Fanta, Spar and Disney today.


That's 8 brands and the day is not even over yet.

The only brand I deliberately spoke about was Disney. Because we're currently negotiating a deal with them.

The 7 other brands were mentioned spontaneously for whatever reason. But the reason I mentioned them is because I either own their products, like their products or potentially dislike their products.

The same goes for merchandise by the way. Even if you're not actively talking about it. Wearing a t-shirt with a brand on it means you like or support the brand you're wearing.

But how does this help my business?

Let's take a look at some more numbers.

We already know people discuss up to 90 brands a week. But how does this influence people in their buying behavior? 

A survey conducted by Hubspot shows that 90% of people trust brand recommendations from their friends and family.

And 70% believes consumer reviews from people they never met.

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These numbers are mind boggling. They blow online advertising right out of the water! (only 8% prefers online ads)

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To answer the question: "How does this help my business?". Your business needs to focus on getting more word of mouth marketing. Right now.

Luckily for you, getting more people to talk about your business is not that hard at all.

7 ways to generate Word-of-Mouth marketing for your business

Take a look at this amazing graph below from the guys at Impact. It gives you 7 different options to start generating Word-of-Mouth marketing. 

We tried them all and here are the numbers we believe work best:

1. User generated Content: Super important. Tell your customers and employees to post
                                                     pictures or reviews on their own social media channels. 

2. Share customer reviews: Helps you with step 1. By showing people your customers
                                                     share their stories, they will start sharing them too. 

5. Create a referral program: Nothing too big or too fancy just a little incentive to motivate
                                                         people to bring in new customers.


7 Word-of-Mouth strategies


Start out by following up on the 7 strategies mentioned above and definitely don't forget asking your family and friends* to write a review or share something about your business!


*Your family and friends make ideal brand ambassadors! Want to learn how to get to your first 100 ambassadors in no time?

click the image below to download your copy of our guide!

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