What is the minimum quantity for screen printing?

by Henri-Philippe

First things first. Screen printing is a decoration technique in which ink is transferred onto textile through a mesh. They use one mesh per color so this action is repeated several times depending on the amount of colors in the design. It's also one of the most used techniques guaranteeing vibrant colors and high end finishing. (Take a look at all our available decoration techniques here.)

Now that we've covered the absolute basics of screen printing, let's take a look at the minimum amount of prints you should order.

It all starts at 25!

25 prints is the absolute minimum. Creating the meshes and prepping the machines for less would be expensive for you as a customer and would be a general waste of time and resources.

Luckily for you 25 prints doesn't necessarily mean 25 pieces of the exact same type of clothing. You can easily spread your prints over different kinds of apparel. You could apply it to e.g. 5 T-shirts, 10 polos and 10 sweaters. Or any other way around as long as the print stays exactly the same.

Psst, really want to go for less than 25 prints? Check out digital printing!

What else do I need to know about screen printing?

As always, ordering more prints at once results in a lower price. So try to plan ahead and try to order as efficient as possible. It's ok to order a bit more if you plan on ordering again in the near future.

Colors do make a difference. A one color design will be cheaper than a 5 color design. As explained above, every new color means a new mesh that has to be made and prepared. Still, the price difference is marginal but now at least you know.

Color switches. Let's say you create a one color design like the letter "A" that you want to print in white on a black T-shirt. Because of your design being one color, one mesh will suffice. But if you want to change things up to a black "A" on a white T-shirt, a one time color switch fee will usually be charged because the mesh will have to be thoroughly cleaned (which isn't that easy).


  • Screen printing makes sense as of 25 prints
  • One "print" can be used on different pieces of clothing
  • Ordering bigger quantities will result in lower prices (obvious but still)
  • Adding more colors means the price will add up accordingly


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