What does dpi mean?

by Sarah

DPI is short for dots per inch. This term is used to demonstrate the resolution of an image. 300 DPI means a good resolution: there are 300 dots per inch. One inch equals to 2,54 centimeters.

The more dots on a small surface, the higher the resolution and the more clear your image. 300 DPI is the minimum requirement to print or embroider your design with a qualitative result.

A vector file or a 300 DPI file is recommended to deliver a qualitative design.


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What is a vector? 

When delivering a normal image, you also expect a qualitative result. In this case the resolution is important. That indicates how clear your image is displayed, expressed in DPI or dots per inch.

How to convert an image to 300DPI?

You can convert your image to 300 DPI in Photoshop. To determine the DPI of your image, you have to know the size in which your image will be printed. You can do that by following these steps: image > image size > document size. When you reached ‘document size’ you can set the correct print size. Take into account the bleed, delivery size… After doing that you get to see the resolution in pixels, you change that to 300 and your image is converted.

Photoshop tutorial: How to convert to 300 DPI?




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