What are pantone colors?

by Basiel

Pantone colors and how to use them to print colors on textile.

Basically, pantone is the standard language for colors. Pantone colors are color codes that stand for a specific shade. You can communicate about colors by defining the pantone code.

Pantone colors for screen printing

Let's say you've found the perfect pink for your design. Great! Let's put it on a t-shirt! The color of the textile will of course influence the color of the ink, so to be sure the color is exactly what you want, we print an under layer on dark textile. 

Screen printing, one of the most popular decoration techniques, allows printing in pantone colors. This is not the case with digital printing, where the color of your design is being matched with the ink.  

The code of pantone colors can be followed by a C or an U, which stands for coated and uncoated. Generally, it’s better to choose coated colors for screen printing as there is always a little shine in the ink. But also the uncoated formulas can be used for more opaque colors.


Pantone Guidebook

We use different tools to print exactly the defined pantone color on textile. One of the tools we use is the Pantone PMS Formula Guidebook for Screen printing includes 1 867 pantone spot colors with their corresponding ink formulations. This tool is a must to ensure your colors are exactly what you want.

On the website, there are plenty of tools and products that can help you with color decisions.

What to remember

The most important piece of information to take from this blog, is to pick a reliable partner if you want top-quality printed textile. Don't let anyone print a design in 'green' without offering at least a digital example or a color code, it's a recipe for disappointment.

We at Merchandise Essentials need approval on your design twice before we go into production. We send you a technical file, which contains all the details of your order: height and width of the design, the exact decoration technique and of course the color codes. No bad surprises here!

Our expert team is glad to help you create your ideal merchandise. Contact us for more information.

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