The power of a good newsletter

by Birgit Raes

The power of a good newsletter

Not many marketing tools are as powerful and effective as a good newsletter to generate more clients and profit without having any advertising costs. The discussion if newsletters are still a viable way to market products is one that has been ongoing for years now. After all, there’s social media, Facebook, Google, chat bots…

These new marketing tools are great and have their place in emailmarketing-1business, but that doesn’t mean the power of a newsletter is to be underestimated. It’s generally accepted as a fact that generating business with existing clients is just as (if not more!) lucrative as getting new clients. This is exactly what a newsletter can do.

A Harvard Business Review states that it costs 25 (!) times as much to generate a new client than to sell a product to an existing client. Not only is a newsletter positive for business, it keeps your company top of mind.

E-mail marketing and GDPR

One aspect of email marketing that has been given a particularly bad name, is cold emailing. Cold emails are a way to reach out to potential clients without their permission to do so. The receiver often finds this irritating.


To avoid this frustration, it’s important to be up to date with the GDPR law and to make sure people can unsubscribe from your newsletter. Don’t be a dick and make this as easy as you can, clearly indicating the unsubscribe button. In Europe, companies who fail to do so face enormous fines.

Better results through email design

Although each company believes a newsletter should have a pretty lay-out, that isn’t actually the case. Hubspot conducted a study with its users and concluded that the more pictures the email contained, the less people were inclined to click! The click-through rate (CTR) is, only second the the open rate, the most important factor in email marketing. Ofcourse, this depends on your company. For example, you can’t really sell clothes without providing nice pictures.

If you own a private business like a law firm or an insurance company, consider keeping the text of your email short and interesting, while only using visuals that aid the understanding of what’s written. Twenty pictures hurt your content, one good one helps it.

Content, content, content

It’s a given that you need to provide interesting content. Keep your news short, to the point and up to date. Maybe organise a raffle from time to time or insert a weekly joke to keep people engaged and entertained. Studies show that 1 or 2 emails a week hit the sweet spot. 

Are there ways to get even more ROI?

Well, yes! But they’re much more specific. Read everything about our extremely successful prospection enveloppe or how we help businesses generate more mouth to mouth advertising, which is still your #1 marketing tool!

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