by Niels Vandecasteele, on December 23, 2020

The hunt for talent is really hard. Finding the right hire with the essential skills is a challenge for most HR managers and business owners. Will the newly hired employee …

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by Janne, on October 22, 2020

Companies around the world are currently adapting to working remotely to control the coronavirus outbreak. Some companies are closing, many are working from home. Now that millions of people work …

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Topics:MarketingEmployer Branding

by Janne, on August 25, 2020

While coffee, a decent chair and (if you’re lucky) a good wifi connection can get you some of the way there, it’s easy to feel unmotivated, insecure and unfocused. A …

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by Sarah, on July 15, 2020

Streetwear and Off-White, defining the grey area between black and white as Off-White. DJ, founder of the clothing brand Off-White and the RSVP gallery, Kanye West’s former creative director… It’s …

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by Sarah, on April 15, 2020

Let's be clear about this, newsletters aren’t dead. On the contrary, they have never been more important. However, because of the huge influx of information we receive through Social Media …

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by Henri-Philippe, on April 9, 2020

GET TO KNOW YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER Defining your target audience is the key to achieve more success with your product. You already have your products and launched your webshop but …

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by Sebastiaan, on April 8, 2020

The snapback is a historic and iconic cap. It's a simple and classic accessory that gives off a hip, chill and relaxed vibe. This stylish cap that has been popularized throughout the …

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by Sarah, on April 8, 2020

Participation in trade fairs can be profitable for your organization. It’s the perfect way to connect with prospects and to maintain business relationships. You can launch a new product or …

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by Rick Van Dam, on February 25, 2020

Just like any other organization we face prejudices and misconceptions. Some of which are positive but most of them are negative and not true! Therefore, we decided to sum up …

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About Merchandise Essentials

In 2015 Merchandise Essentials consisted out of two young guys with big dreams. Working out of their parents’ living room they started turning those dreams into goals.

The living room became a 600m2 office space with a showroom. The two man team turned into a workforce of more than 30 young and talented individuals who are now designing and producing merchandise for brands and businesses in 43 countries.


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