Plants do make you better at your job

by Janne

While coffee, a decent chair and (if you’re lucky) a good wifi connection can get you some of the way there, it’s easy to feel unmotivated, insecure and unfocused.
A great way to boost productivity and add some cheer to your office is by adding some leafy friends to your workplace. Office-plants are a cost-effective way to brighten up the space and improve productivity.

A whole load of studies have proven that with a flash of green, stress goes down and productivity goes up. Eager to improve your productivity?
Read further and discover the effects and some plant-tips!


Plants purify.

Plants naturally filter toxins from the rooms that they grow in and help freshen up the place. A logical result of this is the reduction of sick days and an improvement of the employees' health. 
As well as being something nice to look at other than your screen, they provide us with oxygen and can also remove certain chemicals and pollutants from the air.

Both mind- and air purifying.
The UTS study conducted in 2010, found that offices that were decorated with plants saw the following benefits:

  • 37% reduction in anxiety.
  • 44% reduction in office hostility.
  • Reduced chronic fatigue by nearly 40%.
  • 58% reduction in reported depression

And this is not a surprise because the color green is the easiest color for you eyes to process and is associated with wealth, relaxation, nature & confidence.

Plants boost.

Next to purifying, plants play a role in increasing productivity and creativity. Employees who engage with their surroundings tend to achieve a greater output and have an easier time staying focused.

Creative blocks are no joke, people!
It’s been widely recognized that stimulating our senses can open up the flow of ideas. Office plants can provide inspiration when you’re out of ideas or stuck on the same one for a little too long. Go for bright colors, interesting shapes or plants that change and grow a lot.

Next to boosting your employees, plants attract potential new talent.
An office designed with an eye for details is more appealing for visitors and new clients.
In addition, one in five people said they have no natural elements in their office, whatsoever. A lot of people are working in a dark, lifeless space, which if you ask me, doesn’t seem like an appealing place to be. That’s why there is an upward trend of potential employees taking the physical space into consideration when searching for new opportunities. 




Make sure your plants fit the space they're in.
Some plants go in a darker environment, others need a whole bunch of sunlight.
Here are some examples from the plants we implemented. We have an office that lives the seasons, very cold in winter and too hot in summer.

Calathea: The living plant that brightens up the place.
With its colorful leaves and pretty prints, it brightens up the place.
All members of the Calathea-family are plants that originally grow in darker places. These plants need a half-shadow environment.
Too much sunlight will burn the leaves and change color.
They love a warm place with a high level of humidity. 

The calathea is called 'the living plant', due to the fact that the plant closes its leaves in the evening to open them in the morning. This can make a noisy sound.

Monstera Deliciosa:
Put it in a statement-making spot in the living room, rather than in a tight corner or on a windowsill.
Monstera is a tropical plant from the 
Araceae family. Its name, as one might guess, comes from the Latin meaning “abnormal” because of its odd-looking, perforated leaves that are often punched through with holes.

Find a balance between sun and shade. If Monstera is given too much sun, the leaves will yellow. If it’s left in the dark, the plant will exhibit something called negative phototropism, where new leaves grow towards the dark, rather than the light. (It’s a pretty clever trick: In the jungle, darkness signals the presence of a larger tree that Monstera can climb up to reach sunlight.) Since this isn’t possible in a living room, indirect sun is best.


Plants are the way to go for upgrading your office and improving productivity.
Begin small, maybe by giving a plant to each employee as a gift and brighten up their desk. And remember, the things you give love, grow!





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