Merchandise Marketing: The ultimate guide [SUMMARIZED]

by Henri-Philippe

This list will provide you with the ins and outs of efficient merchandise marketing. And as always, it all starts with finding the right supplier with the right quality.

1. Recognizing the right supplier

In order to start with merchandise marketing you’ll have to get your swag somewhere. There are a lot of suppliers out there but here’s what we suggest you should look at when looking for a trusted merchandise partner.

  • Are they using durable and ethical fabrics?

Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, B&C, … are big no go’s

  • Do they respect and efficiently communicate delivery dates?

You’re basing an entire marketing campaign on your merchandise so you’d better know when and where your products will arrive.

  • Do they have experience with sizing and size sets?

You’ll probably know that sizes vary from brand to brand. So make sure a Medium is a Medium.

  • Scalable production?

Nothing worse than having to change suppliers when you’ve gotten to big for them. You’ll have to get your new supplier up to speed with your wants and needs. So go for a supplier that can support you as you grow from 25 sweaters to 15.000 socks.

2. Knowing which products to order


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