Merchandise Essentials underlines ambitions with the installation of its management team.

by Aaron Gerard

Roeselare - Things are moving quickly for Merchandise Essentials. The specialist in custom made merchandising for businesses grew to nearly 6 million in revenues and 40 employees, spread across Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland and Germany in 2020. Founders Steven Callens and Niels Vandecasteele are not yet satisfied though. “In the years to come, we want to do everything we can to continue our journey of exponential growth, by installing our management team, we’re underlining that ambition” they say.

Cederic & Karel-Jan join the management team

According to the two young entrepreneurs, their business is on a tipping point: “the past five years, everyone here has worked incredibly hard, we’ve been practicing entrepreneurship in its purest form and that has brought us to where we are today” says Niels Vandecasteele, “Now we have reached a certain scale and you can tell that this is a hinge moment.

We’re facing new challenges and in order to face those challenges, we need a professional structure and strategy.”

That’s why, the two founders decided to further surround themselves with qualified people. The management team grows with two extra pillars and a new organizational chart, called the bowtie-model, is implemented.

Two young locals are joining the team: Cederic Veryser gained experience in the legal and financial side of a growing business as the right-hand man of Emmanuel Bekaert at Maxicon. This experience will be of value in his new role as Legal & Finance Manager at Merchandise Essentials.

Karel-Jan Vercruysse was one of the driving forces of the commercial succes top tier football club KV Kortrijk has realized in the past years. In his role as Commercial Manager, he will help drive the revenue growth at Merchandise Essentials.

Callens and Vandecasteele will focus on the international growth of the company and keeping the mission, vision and strategy aligned. “With the installation of our Management Team, we have created space for ourselves to continue working on our growth” Vandecasteele explains.

The whole team at Merchandise Essentials was informed about the decision and introduced to the new managers on thursday morning. In 2021, Merchandise Essentials wants to open new offices in Ireland and the UK.

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About Merchandise Essentials

In 2015 Merchandise Essentials consisted out of two young guys with big dreams. Working out of their parents’ living room they started turning those dreams into goals.

The living room became a 600m2 office space with a showroom. The two man team turned into a workforce of more than 30 young and talented individuals who are now designing and producing merchandise for brands and businesses in 43 countries.


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