How you get your business back on track after the Coronavirus

by Birgit Raes

How you get your business back on track after the Coronavirus

The Corona virus is hitting us where it hurts. Not only are we b1bf164858cb7d27b5ccbcff557d6839worried about ourselves’ and our loved ones’ health, the local economy is getting beat down.

No one can predict how long much longer this communal hell will take, but one thing’s for sure: the virus doesn’t have to be the downfall of your company. 

Investing when financial means are scarce sounds counterintuitive. In reality, it’s the only way to get out this crisis stronger than ever. Read this article and discover how you can get your business back on the rails with a few smart moves. 

Be vocal

Let’s be clear: social distancing is not equal to social isolation. In 2020, there’s plenty of opportunities to stay in touch with one another. Our inboxes are overflowing with messages from companies stating their concern and changes in policy, but receivers tend not to react positively to them.

Did you feel personally spoken to and cared for after the twentieth ‘corona update’-email? Be different and think of alternative ways to approach clients. 


Do you have a limited number of clients? Make a short video in which you address the client by their name, express the wish for their good health and educate them on renewed policies to guarantee their well-being. Make sure you look the part, show compassion and keep it short.

For companies with a larger clientele, a personalised video message is not an option. Luckily, Facebook comes to the rescue. Gather your team in front of the camera and record a general message. Remember to keep it sincere and concise. Keep the communication positive and reassure your clients that you’re working on getting back to normal as soon as possible.

A lasting reminder

Even better than a video is a lasting memory of your care for your clients. Send a small gift to (a selection of) your clients and show that your company is thinking of them during these hard times. A nice option is a fleece blanket with a custom message on the sleeve.

Especially to risk groups who might be less active online, a postal package is thé option. A small gesture for you, a lasting comfort to your clients, who will remember the time you reached out to them.

In the spirit of positivity, you can encourage your clients to keep active in their homes. Not only are you showing your proactive thinking, by sending your clients some sports wear, you’re helping your brand.

If you’re not able to do this for your clients, think about giving your employees at home some teamwear. Trust us, your brand will be on social media. #ThankYouYourCompany

And in a few weeks… Go go go!

It takes time to plan an event. Now that your company is going through tough times, you’re forced to look ahead.  Take matters into your own hands and make sure people have a place to go in a few weeks.

Organise a network event where you invite some of your clientsand other company owners. Not only are you showing your unstoppable drive, but this could prove to be a fruitful event. Make sure you have some snacks and drinks, exchange business cards and don’t let the guests leave without a goodie bag given by you, the host.


Custom socks are always a hit, but with the good weather coming, you could show off your brand’s name all summer long. Give your clients a stylish set of sunglasses with a case, leave a print in the sand with custom flip flops or share in the pool fun with your own swimming trunks.

Everybody loves a goodie bag, provided it’s filled with useful and qualitative products. Make sure your merch doesn’t end up at the back of someone’s closet but opt for durable and high quality products. Your company has class. Why should you put your name on whatever classless product? It’s your choice whether you want your merch to be worn by a partygirl on Ibiza or the neighbour mowing his lawn on a Sunday (again!).

Final thoughts
Although it’s easy to be and act miserable right now, it’s more than necessary to proactively keep on going. A Corona free future awaits us. It’s up to you to decide how you’re going to take this blow.

So get to work! Plan a video call with all your employees, brainstorm and find that one idea that puts your business on the map again. Just do it! We’re glad to help.

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