How to support your local entrepreneurs during Corona

by Birgit Raes

How to support your local entrepreneurs during Corona

The coronavirus is having a great impact on almost every aspect of our lives. Restaurants and pubs are closing their doors, shops and offices are temporarily shutting down, schools are suspending courses… The virus takes its toll on our economy. 

Local business owners are struggling to keep their shops viable. In keep-it-local-1-638this article, we provide you with some tips on what you can do to support your favorite restaurants and shops in your neighbourhood.


Before logging onto an internet giant without giving it a second thought, think about looking up your favorite local shops first. Chances are they have a webshop that’s waiting for your order.

Since shop owners can’t open during the weekends anymore, every little bit of help is greatly appreciated. And let’s be honest, when you’re finished with those pesky chores around the house, you deserve to shop a little. 

Take Out

Foodies, here’s your time to shine! Although cooking at home is a healthy and cheap option, it kinda gets old really quickly.

Everyone loves to eat out, but restaurants and bars are closed right now. Don’t panic: a lot of food places offer take out menus.

If you’d like to recreate the restaurant ambiance at home, just light a few candles, pour a good wine and have some lovely take out!

Order a voucher

Are you celebrating a loved one’s birthday soon? Luckily, you have plenty of time to look for the perfect present right now. Email or call his/her favorite place to shop or snacks and arrange a voucher.

This way, local businesses are still generating some income. And who won’t be relieved to go out back again after this virus blows over?

Sharing is caring

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of shop owners online trying to offer something for you to do while practising social distancing. Don’t keep this to yourself, but share their posts on Instagram, Facebook or in your besties’ group chat on WhatsApp.

This way, you spread the word, which really works wonders for companies.

Strong together

When everyone is prepared to do his and her part, all businesses will feel a positive effect. Chances are the city council has already put measurements in place to help your favorite little places survive for the time being.

Do what you can with what you have and don’t get discouraged. Most important of all: spread the word! Go buy take out! Order something from your local shop’s webshop or call them and ask them what they can do for you.

During this time of crisis, we have to pull together. After all, there’s strength in unity. 

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