How to name your clothing brand?

How to name your clothing brand? 

Finding a name for your clothing brand is a ‘big deal’. A good-sounding, memorable name that inspires people to buy your clothing is essentially. This is not a simple but rather an impressive quest. There are 3 big things you have to take into consideration when deciding on a name for your clothing line.

Name your brand for life:

Name changes are never good. Think good about your name, because it’s better to build on a name that will last forever. Also, don’t forget to check if your name is available. Someone else might already have the same name registered. Imagine how your brand will look in 1-3-5 years and feel if your chosen brand name still has the same power.

1. Emotional value

How do people feel when they hear your brand? What do they imagine when they hear your brand?

2. Associations

Is your name totally new or can it be associated with another positive (or negative) brand? Ask around to find out what’s the first, second and third thing they think when hearing your fashion label name.

Types of clothing brand names

  • New word: Etsy, Intel, Verizon, Topwijf
  • Out of context: Apple
  • Experience: Wizz (air)
  • What you do: British Airways
  • Founder’s Name: Tommy Hilfiger
  • Literary Games: Doodle
  • Nature: Mustang, Blackberry
  • Compound names: Mailchimp, Diehard, Youtube
  • Sentences: Trendy & Rare

It’s time to get practical: How to start naming your clothing brand? There are 3 phases you can follow to find your name.

Phase 1: the creative phase

  • Do your research:

Check brands and names you like and research where they got their name from

  • Make a list:

List 100 keywords for your clothing brand (cool, futuristic, urban, lion,…), use a website like thesaurus to discover synonyms.

  • Combine words:

Just combine a lot of different words (urban lion, lionistic,…)

  • Make a shortlist:

Pick your 5 favorite names for your fashion brand and continue to the next step.

Phase 2: the checking phase

Things you have to check:

  • Trademarks: Make sure you have the rights
  • Domain names: so the .com or other domain names are still available
  • Dictionary: Check if your brand name doesn’t have a negative connotation in your or other languages
  • Google test: just google your brand name for any hidden meanings or brands

Check if your brand name is trademarked on these websites:

  • Belgium: BBIE
  • Europe: EUOPI
  • World: WIPO

Phase 3: bar & grandma test

Once your online and digital research is complete, you can test your new clothing brand name(s) in the field. This test is really fun:

Go to a loud noisy bar and casually tell someone your brand name. Can this person remember your name after 5 minutes, pronounce it correctly and spell it right? Then you have a good brand name.

Thereafter, repeat the test with the elderly and find out if they remember your name. Do they? Congratulations, your clothing brand name is amazing.

Phase 4: celebrate

You completed one of the hardest tasks for your clothing brand. Now, you have a memorable brand name. Great job!

Now hurry up and protect your name, register your domain names and start designing your logo.

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