How to motivate your employees to be more active

by Sebastiaan

Entrepreneurs invest more and more in the health of their employees. Rightfully so! Fit employees have less stress, are sick less often and are overall more productive and happier than their non-excersizing colleagues. In addition, it has a positive influence on the team spirit of the whole company. So why are we not all working out?! Well... Staying motivated to move is hard and sometimes takes an incentive. In the following article, we give you some practical tips on how to get your employees moving.



Give your employees a step counter and set a goal the team can work towards. You’ll see the motivation and even a little bit of competition arise. 

In 2015, Volvo gave each employee a step counter. The goal was to reach 555.555.555 steps with the whole company by the end of the year.


Who said you have to sit on a chair to have a good meeting? Try something different for a change and get to know potential clients outside of the dusty meeting room. Organise a friendly match of tennis/golf/padel or organise a walk. A walking meeting can be very productive and quickly lead to decisions. Or what about a meeting on a sitting ball or a home trainer?


The perfect way to motivate your employees and to make your team stand out is custom teamwear. A comfortable sports outfit, complete with your custom design. Custom sportswear is a nice way to integrate sports both in the workplace and at home and to encourage the team spirit. An added plus is that your employees will probably wear the sports clothing outside of work, providing you with the best advertising tool ever: you own people. 



10 squats for a black coffee and 15 squats for one with sugar. Your employees were never so sporty!



Think about how many times you've heard your colleagues or employees say the following statement: "I want to work out more, but I just can't find the time!" What about group lessons during lunch breaks to keep your employees active? There will definitely be a lot of enthusiasts who would love to participate. There are many possibilities, just think about pilates, zumba or piloxing.



A team building encourages a good working atmosphere, no doubt about that. And this could also be a fun way to integrate sports in your company. What about yoga, skiing or water sports as a team activity? Sporty and… definitely fun!


Custom sportswear is the perfect way to get even more out of your efforts. First of all, it’s a nice gift for your employees, they will appreciate it a lot. Also, wearing the same outfit strengthens the group atmosphere and it has a positive influence on your HR. When you choose qualitative clothing, your employees will love to wear it. Even when they exercise in their spare time.

We at Merchandise Essentials design and produce custom sportswear. We use qualitative and breathable textiles that will be very comfortable for your employees to wear when they’re exercising. You can start from scratch to design your own sportswear. In addition, you can already order from 10 pieces. But you’ll definitely want more!

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