How do we create custom socks?

by Birgit Raes

Custom socks, the perfect conversation starter and a very whimsical yet useful marketing tool.

Something that we see with a lot of our clients, is that they choose for custom socks as their first product!
After doing a lot of research we finally grasped why, find out more below!


In this blogpost, we share some key points that you should know when creating your own socks.

Get ready for some practical information, lots of tips and cool sock designs!

Custom socks with your design 

Let's start with the good news: it's easier than you think to create your own socks.
All you need is a design and a reliable partner to make your vision a reality.

Your design or pattern gets woven into the sock, so here are few things to keep in mind. Make sure your design isn’t too detailed and doesn’t have more than 6 colors in it. If you take these things into account, almost anything is possible!

Take a look at the custom socks we designed and made for Google, Bavet and Studio Brussels. Ready to add your socks to the list? Read more below the picture.


Still hesitate if your design is possible or don’t how to make a design?
Contact our design service.


Tip & tricks to start with your design

You probably already have you ideal socks in mind, right?
If not, try picturing them right now. Do they have an image or a pattern?

Small lines or figures may be difficult if you want quality socks, so make sure your design isn't too detailed. But don't worry, we always check the design to find out if it’s possible to weave your dream pattern. Read more below the picture.


So now that you've picked your design, let's get a little technical. You should know that the width of our standard pair of socks is 168 stitches.
This means that 1 side has 84 stitches. Based on the stitches, we translate your design into pixels. This means that your design is stitched in 168 pixels. To explain it mathematically: 1 pixel = 1 stitch. When you're down with how the design looks, the socks go in production. 

We prepare the production once your design is transferred into our program. The colors of your design are being matched with the thread colors. This means that every color is possible, as long as there is a matching thread color.
The toes, heel, and ankle can have another plain color. Read more below the picture.


When the thread colors are chosen, the machine is prepared. Your design or pattern is digitally transferred into the machine. The machine weaves the sock in a few seconds.

We always do a sample first to check if it’s okay. If we approve the sample, we can move on to full production. After the production, the socks are finished manually. The top is cut off properly and our quality control team thoroughly checks your order. Read more below the picture.


Type of socks

Depending on your style, you have the possibility to create standard socks, short socks, cosy socks or sport socks. There's a sock for every season, there's a sock for every reason :).

Top it of with a custom cardboard

Here comes the coolest part: the cardboard of the socks.
The socks are attached on a brown or white cardboard.

The presentation of the socks depends on the creativity of the card board.
You can leave a message on it, add the size, add a QR-code, mention your website, ask people to post a pic with the socks...
The possibilities are endless! Read more below the picture.


We prefer the cardboards in recycled material because it's easier on the environment, but you can go with a white background and even a full color print! Ask your account manager what the possibilities are, you won't be disappointed.

Watch out for this

We know that there's a lot of companies out there that offer custom socks for very cheap (suspiciously cheap, even). However, we really believe that quality should be your top priority.

Don't get seduced by cheap printed socks (we never print on socks, the quality is sub par) or embroideries (have you worn embroidered socks? They're far from comfortable!). After all, you are a quality person, right?

Don't put your name on anything less than a quality product.

Are you ready to design your own socks? We can help you with that, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can start right away!

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