How to attract the very best talent for your business

How to attract the very best talent for your business? 

What is the best talent right now?

The talent matrix

The definition of 'the best talent' is not the same for everybody. A CEO opening at a corporate giant with 10.000 employees or a digital marketing employee as a first hire at a small local startup are totally different profiles. But both companies are looking for the best talent.

The first step is to define what 'talent' means for your company and second how far your budget reaches. Even a growing business with a couple of very good employees can’t pay the enormous wage and bonuses of a big company chairman.

So it’s important to know which pond you’re fishing in. Also don’t forget that a big corporate CEO has a skill stack that probably wouldn’t match with a small company, that’s a lot more hands-on.

The talent matrix

The talent matrix

What determines what talent your recruit?

1. Budget

As you can see in the matrix: the more developed your employees or potential hires are, the more they bring in and the more they cost. So it’s very important to calculate how much time you can spend on training people and how fast they have to start earning themselves back.

As you can see the more to the upper right corner you go, the better (and more expensive) they become.

2. An eye for talent


You can only spot rough diamonds if you have an eye for talent. You have to know how to spot one, how they think and certainly how they are managed. We’ve defined 2 types of rough diamonds matching tv show characters:

Will Smith (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

  • Extravert: high self-esteem
  • Fast results but difficult to train
  • Too easy on himself
  • Needs challenges

Michael Ross (Suits)

  • Introvert: low self-esteem
  • Slow results but easy to train
  • Too hard on himself
  • Needs support

These 2 types of rough diamonds need totally different management styles to make them grow into their superstar roles.

3. The right mix

It’s important not to only have rough diamonds, superstars or hard workers. You need a healthy mix of all profiles in your company. You need young motivated hungry go-getters and you need experienced, stable and well-trained veterans. And everything in between.

So while you may think that the best talent for you is a superstar, it might as well be an experienced employee that brings stability to the company.

How do you attract someone to work for your company

People only work where they want to work. Employees have more options than ever and they are blind to advertising. So to attract the right talent, make them successful and have them stay, you need to build a very strong and enticing company culture.

You have to create a place where people really want to work and where they feel they can make an impact (this is very important for rough diamonds and superstars.

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