How do you keep up the team spirit during the coronavirus?

by Janne

Companies around the world are currently adapting to working remotely to control the coronavirus outbreak. Some companies are closing, many are working from home.

Now that millions of people work from home, it is necessary to keep your team's spirits high and to stimulate the team atmosphere as much as possible. 

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A good atmosphere and communication ensures that productivity is maintained. Working from home means more distractions, fewer ways to interact naturally with colleagues and more social isolation - all of which can lead to less productivity.

In this blog we'll show you how we do this and you'll find some tips & tricks to keep the team atmosphere high within your company.
Very effective and very applicable!

Commitments and responsibilities

Make clear commitments and ensure that responsibilities are taken up.
A lot of people have no problems working from home and are often even more productive. Please note, there are always individuals who take advantage of the situation to work less!

At Merchandise Essentials, it is customary to post a selfie in the community chat every morning while working from home.
The feeling of being alone disappears immediately, you see who starts when and you can often laugh with the flattering morning photos.
No better way to start the day!

Communication is key!

Whether it's informal conversations or work-related discussions, communicating at home is not as spontaneous as sitting next to each other at work.

Nevertheless, now is a time when communication and team alignment are crucial to keep motivation high. Motivation and productivity are related and must remain optimal.

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Take simple steps.
A few tips for optimal communication:

  • Turn on your camera during a video call to improve remote communication.
  • Create a #random or #watercooling chat. This way easy conversations can take place or fun moments can be shared.
  • Someone's birthday? A nice gift, many birthday wishes or a surprise package can certainly bring the party mood.
  • Include a lunch break. Give your employees the opportunity to dial in and have lunch together remotely. 
  • Provide a central #announcement spot. Here you can share announcements about a nice closed deal or a finished project.

Improve the group atmosphere, both during and after remote work

How do you create a team atmosphere when everyone is working at home?
In addition to daily communication and making clear agreements, there are other ways to stimulate the team spirit and mood of your employees.

Merchandise is the perfect solution for this!
Surprise every employee with a package full of personalized merchandise.
Send it to their home address and create a true experience!

Onboarding box

Make sure it's comfortable and quality clothing that will be worn with pride.
In addition to quality, it should be wearable clothing with a beautiful design.
Collect this in a personalized box with a personalized written card, the perfect motivational gift if you ask me!

When working from home you create a group feeling because all employees wear the same merchandise. You let your employees know that you think about them and appreciate their hard work.

When remote working is no longer necessary, these clothes can be worn at work or outdoors. In this way your company becomes visible in places you would otherwise never come yourself. Talk about a win-win!

Our merchandise-tips:

  • Comfortable training pants with a matching sweater. Add tapes to make it a little hipper. Make it recognizable by adding your logo and using the company colors. With or without zipper? Anything goes.
  • A mug, for cold winter days or during the coffee break. With or without ear. In a flashy color or plain with your logo on it.
  • A pair of colorful socks. Everybody wears socks every day, why not a colorful pair completely in your company branding? Add a nice message on the cardboard to thank your employees.
  • Looking for something else? How about a fleece blanket?
    Make sure your employees can relax in the perfect way after a busy day.
    Give them a blanket and become visible in every living room.

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Do you lack inspiration? Send us a message and we'll put together the perfect homework package!

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