Vision 21: Renewals and strong community

by Birgit

Renewal is the key to the growing success of Vision 21.
Their goal is to create a community feeling and to turn their members into real ambassadors. When loyal gym goers renew their membership, they receive a custom Vision 21 sweater.


The sweater is a great incentive to keep people from working out elsewhere, but it’s also perfect branding for Vision 21 and their members. Textbook ambassadorship!

Stimulating the full experience

Thanks to the sweaters, members of Vision 21 are more frequently working out outside, even when the weather isn’t great. This had led to more usage of the outside courts and more revenue in consumptions in the inside- and outside bar during winter.

Be honest, who would refuse a refreshing drink after working out with their friends? 

For who’s still in doubt: look at this clip and get convinced!

Merch as a tool

The Vision 21 sweater campagne is still going strong, even after multiple reorders.
The sports centre transformed into a community you’re surely willing to be a part of.

Vision 21 is now known as one of the fastest growing sports centers in Belgium. 

For once and for all: Merchandise can greatly benefit your sports club.

Not convinced yet? Send us a message and discover the ways in which you can build a stronger community around your club!



About Vision 21

Vision 21 is a sports centre located in Roeselare. With their expertise, there’s no doubt you’ll reach your fitness goals.
Take some group lessons or work out individually using the eGym.

Get fit with the help of personal coaches, practice your padel skills on the outside field or win an exciting squash duel.
Relax during pilates or take it all out on the punching bag during an invigorating session of boxing.

You name it, they have it!

Industry: Sports
Company Size: 15+ employees
Location: Belgium


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