Vice, the product that matches your branding

by Janne

The unique identity of Vice

Founded in 1994 in Montreal, expanded to Europe in 2002, went Global in 2007.
This fast-growing company rings a bell with many people.

Vice is a pool of wonderful documentaries, quality journalism and decay.
It is an ever expanding universe of compelling, inquisitive, uncomfortable and at times completely inappropriate journalism.

That sets the tone, right?
That Vice has a unique identity and approach can't be more obvious.
Discover their unique approach and discover how we can apply this to your company!Schermafbeelding 2020-10-12 om 10.21.10

The importance of good branding

For once and for all, branding is a lot more than just a name and logo.
Branding is in everything a company or brand does. It's in the communication, the company's vision, the key values, the clothing employees are wearing, ... you name it!

Think carefully about every touch point your customer has with your product.
Make it, just like Vice does, a thoughtful and consistent experience.
What is the goal? Who do you want to approach and how?

Branding your business, and more importantly having a strategy to disseminate your message, is a process worth doing and a process worth revisiting periodically.
A process on which we, as Merchandise Essentials, can support you. 

Add your branding and make it recognizable

The impact of merchandise for a company is massive.
At Merchandise Essentials, we don't only make it yours, we take it to the very next level. 

The strategy we create together gets translated into stunning designs by our internal design team. Our operational team makes sure every piece of clothing fits all quality labels perfectly. 

For Vice, we made Create Blankets that truly match their branding.
Watch the campaign below:

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More than merch

One of our key values is "More than merch". Meaning: we deliver more than merch, ofcourse. For each of your problems, we provide a custom made solution.

Do you need help with increasing your return on investment? Gain more visibility? Building a stronger community? Attract new talent? 

Send us a message and discover how our approach can take your brand to the very next level. Y'all ready for this? Oh sure we are!



About Vice

Vice is a Canadian-American magazine focused on lifestyle, arts, culture, and news/politics.

Founded in 1994 in Montreal as an alternative punk magazine, the founders later launched the youth media company Vice Media, which consists of divisions including the printed magazine as well as a website, broadcast news unit, a film production company, a record label, and a publishing imprint.

Industry: Lifestyle entertainment
Location: HQ is located in New York, USA


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