The way Baracca thanks their employees

by Janne

Looking for a way to thank your employees?
Need some more visibility?

Let the Baracca case inspire you to end the year in an appropriate way.
Say 'thank you' in an original way.

Guaranteed atmosphere

Winterswag is an original way to pamper your employees and customers. Whether it's a hat, a scarf or a Christmas sweater, it's guaranteed to enhance the atmosphere!  

Baracca is a restaurant in Leuven well known by young and old for its delicious Italian cuisine. Good food and cosy get-togethers in the meantime: these are the two main goals of the restaurant.


Baracca wants to propagate this togetherness between the different generations with their pizzas, social bites & cocktails, but merchandise is also part of this!

The importance of good partners

Baracca and Merchandise Essentials have been partners for a long time and have released great merchandise several times. Last year we worked together to design a Christmas sweater that conveys the atmosphere of the restaurant, but is also top quality.

The result was a red-and-white sweater that had a lot of success both privately and in the restaurant!


Just that little bit more

"We sold the Christmas sweaters at our socials and in the restaurant. The reactions were very positive," says Pasquale Amuroso, owner of the restaurant.

"Also during the Christmas dinner with friends and family everyone wore the Christmas sweater. Extra atmosphere guaranteed. This is definitely a must for those who value visibility and cosiness".

If you're ready to thank your employees with unique merchandise, click here for more information!


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