3x increase in website traffic
3x increase in website traffic
3x increase in website traffic

Case Study: St.Bernardus

by Sarah, on June 9, 2020

The St.Bernardus brewery in Watou, where heavenly beer is brewed, you can have a nice bite to eat in Bar Bernard and get a guided tour through the brewery. 

Visuals-STB_Tekengebied 1 kopie 5-minIf you want to spend the night there, no problem, their guesthouse is the ideal place to spend a weekend in the Westhoek.

The delicious beer has been brewed there since the year 1946 and, as any good brewery should, there are of course a lot of lovers of the famous beer.

To make the fanatics real ambassadors of their brand, St.Bernardus was looking for a nice idea.


The challenge

Every day, a lot of visitors pass by in the brewery and be honest, who doesn't like to end up in the shop?

Visuals-STB_Tekengebied 1 kopie 7-min

Visitors like to buy some beers or some clothing as a souvenir. The perfect opportunity to provide merchandise in the shop.  St.Bernardus took care of this.

The challenge was to make sure that people would also wear their merchandise in everyday life.

Together with their designer, they came up with a contemporary line of merchandise. Something for everyone.

Making an attractive corner in the shop that immediately catches the eye and where visitors can buy gifts/souvenirs for themselves, friends or family.

The Result

Not only the visibility of St.Bernardus grew. Merchandise is also an important form of income here.

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