Silverfin: Incentive to practice sports

by Sarah

Work hard, play hard

Within Silverfin, there’s a real work hard, play hard mentality. They do everything they can to support their teams in their jobs the best possible way. In addition, they also want to focus on the second part - “Play hard”

Everyone at Silvergin gets the opportunity to play sports during working hours. Iedereen binnen Silverfin krijgt de mogelijkheid om tijdens de werkuren te sporten. Showers are provided at the office so that you will be refreshed after exercise.

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We, too, strongly believe that this approach contributes enormously to the productivity of employees.

Branded sportswear

Silverfin wanted to send a strong signal to their people with the purchase of the 'branded' sports jerseys and thereby promote their vision. Silverfin noticed that this initiative was very well received. Both during and after working hours they see the jerseys appear. It contributes enormously to the community feeling - another aspect to which great importance is attached.

Admit it, that's a result that every company wants to achieve. A strong community and extra visibility!

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About Silverfin

Silverfin is reinventing the way financial advisors work. Their cloud-based SaaS technology enables accounting firms and financial advisors to streamline significant parts of their workload and spend more time on value-added activities.

Industry: Software
Company Size: 130+ employees
Location: Belgium, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark
Extra: Accountancy Excellence: Software Innovation of 2019


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