Ostend: Loyalty program during the winter season

by Sarah

Winter tourism

The city of Ostend always organizes a lot of events during the winter period. One of the most famous is their Christmas market. There is a skating rink, the park is being converted into a real winter wonderland and spectacular light shows are provided. A visit to the city during the winter is definitely worthwhile.

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Loyalty program

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Ostend kicks it up a notch. They've come up with a loyalty program. Not only nice for the tourists, but also for the hotel managers in the coastal city.

When tourists book an overnight stay in a hotel, during the winter period, there is always a surprise attached to it.

When customers take a look at their room, they are surprised by some winter gifts.


Tickets for the events, but also a nice merchandise item.
In recent years, visitors have already received beanies, scarves, a pair of socks and a cosy blanket. All in the house style of the City of Ostend.Things that you can use during the winter and that people will wear anyway.

This way, your city will be in the spotlight even more!

The result


The result of this loyalty program was very obvious for Ostend, they concluded that tourists had a much better experience than the ones that didn't get the present.

Because of all this, the city of Ostend had also become a popular destination for people during the winter season.

This is a huge win for the local economy because most of the coastal cities in Belgium receive the most visitors in summertime.

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About Ostend

Ostend is a coastal city and municipality, located in the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium.

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