Lansweepers hun ‘Back-to-the-office survival kit’

by Sarah


Lansweeper came up with an original idea to motivate their employees to come back to the office after all the working from home. Read below how they dealt with the unknown of working at the office during corona.


Back to the office

The forced evolution to remote working because of corona was one of the most challenging tasks companies faced the last couple of months.  And not only managing the technology, but also keeping the team motivated and engaged (keeping your culture alive).

Not seeing your awesome colleagues, no little chats at the coffee machine, sitting in the same environment 24/7… Luckily, the situation is getting better. Everyone is happy to go back to work, happy to go back to the “normal” way of life. To keep up the good work, beating COVID-19, companies have a big responsibility.

Many companies put a lot of effort into organizing everything in a way to let their employees safely work from the office. Making sure there’s enough space between everyone’s desk. Provide a lot of hand sanitizer and try to prevent someone from getting sick.

But next to all the practical measures, how do you make sure people make a flying start?


Office survival kit

Lansweeper did all that, but they took it a step further. To encourage everyone to come back to work, they had the idea to give their employees a little ‘welcome back - present’.

They came up with the idea of a ‘Back-to-the-office survival kit”, all in their theme: ‘Stepping into the wild’. Why ‘Stepping into the wild’? Nobody knew what corona would bring along, it’s new to everyone, so it’s literally stepping into something wild. The idea to make a quality survival kit was born. So why not brand it?

More than just safety

Obviously, branded face masks had to be in the box. To make it totally corona proof, they also added a social distancing bracelet. When a colleague comes too close, a signal is given by the bracelet.

But, they wanted the box to be about more than just safety, they wanted to make it fun too. Their motto is ‘work hard, play hard’, so they added a cool item.

Lansweeper is a tech company with a trendy mindset. It’s customary for everyone to walk around on their socks. Comfortably doing your job, brings the best results. Lansweeper added two pairs of socks to the box, also designed in the theme of ‘Stepping into the wild’.

That way, everyone wears a nice pair of socks to the office! Are you a leopard or a zebra today?

Talking about original ways to use merchandise for your employer branding 😉

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About Lansweeper

Lansweeper develops and supports their software which builds and leverages an IT asset management system of record in any environment. They want to connect knowledge, technology and new ideas to improve the way we all work together.

Industry: Software
Company Size: 51-200 employees
Location: Belgium, US
Extra: Nominated as best Belgian scale up


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