Lab9 gives you 5 reasons to choose for customized merchandise

by Janne

Want to improve your return on investment and see quick and solid results?
Lab9 is the textbook example of how to use customized merchandise and gain ambassadors, brand awareness and creating the proudest employees.

Discover 5 inspiring reasons why they chose to use merchandise.


1. All about the full experience.

What's a fully decorated store without fashionable employees working in it?
Lab9 did it with care and wanted all employees to look as premium as the stores are.
At the opening of several new stores, the creation of a premium vibe became a priority.

Together with Lab9, we designed a full clothing-line as a last touch to complete the full experience of shopping there. 

For customers, the focus was on the look and feel of the store. For the employees it is important that they feel at their best in the clothes they work in.
Beautiful, quality clothing can make your employees an integral part of the store. 
From now on, employees do not work at Lab9, they are Lab9.

2. From employee to ambassador.

Next to the quality of the merch, the wearability of it is the main reason why you should go for it. From now on, merchandise shouldn't only be seen when working, you want it to be worn in daily life. You want them to want to wear it.

That’s why they also added some cool items next to the standard workwear: beanies, sportswear, socks. In this way Lab9 creates even more visibility, and not only during opening hours and in the store.


3. Team Lab9

All clothing has the same Lab9-touch on it.
You can only distinguish a t-shirt for a seller from a t-shirt for an engineer because of the different details. For example, the logo on the embroidered patch matches the function of the employee, there is a quote on the neck label and there is no mention of a 'repairer' but of 'the person who works on the apple-gear’.

4. Onboarding, a thank you & marketing

Showing appreciation for all the work they do, they deserve a gift with the same quality. At Merchandise Essentials, we strive for sustainable and ethical clothing, produced in Europe and only with the highest quality.
To make it a gift-worthy present, pack it in a customized box.
Who doesn’t want to receive a gift like that?

Not only does it create an unique experience on the first day, but the fact that you know that the person will talk about this with his/her friends and family is amazing.
If your merchandise is cool enough they might even add it to their own Social Media which is free publicity for your company!

Next to socials and mouth-to-mouth, apparel (shirts, polos, socks, beanies,...) can be an integral part of your marketing.
Try a nice Christmas special or a back-to-school campaign with a nice give-away onto it, like a laptop sleeve.




5. Multi-purpose

Lab9 is a great example to show that merchandise can be used in all kinds of ways and can give your marketing, employer branding and image a huge boost. 

Do you also want to use merchandise in a smart way? Contact us quickly and we will help you reach your specific goal.

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About Lab9

Lab9 has been recognized by Apple as an Apple Premium Reseller for providing excellent customer service with special focus on solutions, service and support for Apple.

Industry: Tech
Company Size: 30+ stores in Belgium
Location: Belgium


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