KV Kortrijk: Turning fans into ambassadors

by Janne

Stronger together

You can recognize a real ‘kerel’ by the KVK-merch. Think of the various scarves and
t-shirts that color the Guldensporen Stadium red and white during every match.

However, the search continued for merchandise that makes the ‘kerels’ not just fans but real ambassadors. The provision of wearable merchandise ensured that the 'kerels' did not only openly support in the stadium, but could also radiate KVK in their daily lives.

From passionate fan to proud ambassador


Like many other football clubs, KV Kortrijk has underestimated the impact of merchandise and fanwear for a long time.
Fans could of course always buy different gadgets and t- shirts, but this merchandise never really created a community feeling.

No team without supporters. That's why KVK pampered its supporters with the introduction of a new line of merchandise. Besides the quality of the merch, the design also ensures that you can't help but be a fan of this team. 

Wear your sweater to work on a Friday morning and drive straight to the match in the evening!


Not convinced yet?

Proud fans who wear your merchandise are walking billboards that will gladly represent your brand or product. 

KV Kortrijk soon realized that they could easily attract new sponsors and fans by working together with their loyal fans.

Pretty soon after KVK's creative team came in touch with Merchandise Essentials, some unique designs were created. In addition to production, we also take care of logistics for KVK. In the meantime, many pieces have been sold out and many fans were able to get their hands on the latest KV Kortrijk merchandise.




  • Strategic guidance 
  • Design & production of their collections 
  • Qualitative extras such as customizable leather labels and neck labels
    You can see the launch of the merch here.





About KV Kortrijk

KV Kortrijk is a football club that’s been playing in the highest Belgian league since 2008. They’ve been ranking in the top ten ever since.

It is a club with a rich history backed by a loyal fanbase. 4000 seat holders and a lot of other fans are the ones that make sure that every night in the Guldensporen Stadium is one to remember.

Industry: Sports
Company Size: 50+ employees
Location: Belgium


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