Knokke-Heist: Keeping their city alive in corona times

by Sarah

Alternative to mass-happenings

Because mass events were cancelled this summer, the city decided to develop a whole series of small-scale initiatives in which conviviality, experience and artistic atmosphere are the focus. That way, local businesses also get the opportunity to showcase their exquisite services and food. 

In the public domain, a number of infrastructural interventions will take place this summer that, in combination with street art and floral art, will arouse admiration and amazement among passers-by.

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High quality experience

This summer, Knokke-Heist focuses on next-level individual experiences. From July to October 2020, all funshoppers in the traffic-free and upgraded Golden Trade Triangle will be able to use an electric shuttle service free of charge. The ride in this trendy and low-noise city mobile will be an unique hop on hop off experience.

Within the framework of the tourism and economic recovery plan, the city council has now also coloured the concept for the infrastructural interventions in the borough of Heist a little more concretely.

That "colouring in" can be taken quite literally. Under the motto 50 shades of Heist, the trade centre of Heist will be pimped with colourful flags, artistic mosaics, colourful flower boxes, colouristic zebra crossings, flashy cube blocks and 3D art by international pop-surrealist Leon Keer.


What are colorful initiatives without colorful people?
Knokke-heist chose clothing in which they could extend their color palette.
Of course, this is where our CREATE-story comes in perfectly.
Working students and shuttle drivers are in perfect synchronicity with the city thanks to their 100% custom outfits.

Curious to see how Knokke-Heist implemented all this beauty?
You know what to do, visit Knokke-Heist.


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About Knokke-Heist

Knokke-Heist is a municipality in West Flanders and one of the most famous seaside resorts in Belgium.
It is located on the border with the Netherlands and is just a few minutes away from the beautiful Provincial Nature
Park ‘t Zwin. Certainly worth a visit!

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Company Size: 33.000+ citizens


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