How to make the difference with merchandise? 3 tips!

by Janne

The story of De Nachtwacht

How can you make a difference or distinguish yourself from tough competition?

The story of De Nachtwacht is a perfect example of a company that makes a difference with creative merchandise. De Nachtwacht is a specialty store that focuses on the premium segment of beds and mattresses.

How do you make the difference between the mass of outlet stores and giant multinationals?

Merchandise that offers added value in different areas? It is possible!
With the 3 tips in this case study it can't go wrong! 

A powerful merchandise story that works.

De Nachtwacht provides unique experiences for their customers.
"The most beautiful store in the country", frequently said.
In addition to a beautiful showroom, there is also an attractive merchandise corner.
The merchandise fits their story perfectly: a cosy and comfy suit for the bedroom. 


But how does merchandise add value to a specialty store such as De Nachtwacht?

1. Go for quality products.

De Nachtwacht not only offers top quality beds, but also the experience around them. Need sleep advice? Want to test your mattress before you buy it?
Everything is possible!

In order to expand their product line, they were looking for a way to enhance this experience even further. Selling comfy and quality clothing is the perfect complement. This merchandise has to be of top quality to be fully in line with their premium product segment.
Quality will be remembered and your brand wil be associated with it!

Comfy-suit-De Nachtwacht

At Merchandise Essentials we strive for quality clothing that is both sustainable and ethical. This makes us the perfect partner for companies that want to offer top quality products!

2. Create a beautiful design.

The mistake made by many companies is that they put their name, logo and details on everything. As a company it is crucial to have a recognizable brand identity, no doubt. But creating wearable clothing that doesn't end up at the bottom of the closet is perhaps even more important.

"How do you create wearable clothing?" Our internal design team turns your corporate identity into wearable and trendy clothing.


De Nachtwacht could have chosen to print their brand name on the chest but that way the clothes would be worn much less.

The strength of the clothing is the design. The comfy suits are decorated with sheep. The embroidered sheep look beautiful, are recognizable and make the clothes very wearable. 

3. Go for the ultimate experience

It is a fact that ambassadors are the very best reference.
An enjoyable movie night and spend time in your favorite sweatshirt and sweatpants? Recognizable, huh? That the comfy suit fits into the total picture of the sleeping experience, there's no doubt about it!

Comfy-suit-De Nachtwacht-2

With their wearable and high quality merchandise, De Nachtwacht wants to increase the experience with their customers. You can contact them for the total picture, from mattress to clothing to relax in. 

Their philosophy: with a car you like to make a test drive and clothes you like to try out in a cubicle. So why not spend a night test sleeping in the bed of your choice?
In the Test Litter you can do this and get personalized clothing to experience this test night.

Nachtwacht schaapje

Merchandise provides an experience.
As a brand you can use merchandise to powerfully present your own story.
Just like De Nachtwacht, every company can get the most out of this strategy. Follow the link and read all about it!

Go for creative merchandise and stand out as a brand!

Increase not only the experience but also your ROI.
Strengthen your offline marketing campaign with quality merchandise.

Make sure your customers (like to) wear your personalized clothing.
This way you create real brand ambassadors and you become visible in the streetscape, in living spaces, in places you would otherwise never go.

We at Merchandise Essentials can help you with the strategic approach of creating an offline marketing campaign! Discover our solutions.

Do you also want to make a difference by focusing on experience?
Feel free to contact our team, we're happy to listen to your unique story!

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About De Nachtwacht

De Nachtwacht is a specialty store that focuses on the premium segment of beds and mattresses. In addition to a wide range of box springs, slatted frames, mattresses and bedding, we at De Nachtwacht mainly excel in personal sleep advice.

De Nachtwacht provides its customers with unique experiences. "The most beautiful store in the country" is sometimes said.
In addition to a beautiful showroom, there is also an attractive merchandise corner.

Industry: Fashion & Retail
Company Size: 0 - 10 employees
Location: Kortrijk


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