How Festival Onder Vrienden deals with a crisis.

by Janne

A gang of friends

Started out as a dream, but has since become a bit of a reality.
Festival Onder Vrienden is a gang of buddies with a shared passion for music, events and an urge to bring other groups of friends together.

Festival Onder Vrienden consists of 5 friends and 1 young lady who strive to organize events or experiences. The idea was born 5 years ago.
In summer 2020 they reached a milestone; the fifth summer full of friendship. That's what they thought.
Discover in the case study how, despite the crisis, they created a larger community and real brand ambassadors.


A carefree place, among friends

We see friends as a large family, the largest family in Belgium.
This is the feeling they want to achieve with all their initiatives and events.
Creating a place where you don't have to worry, where there are no prejudices and where everyone can be themselves.

According to them you can describe FOV as a stimulating substance, which is also called the 'lucky substance'.

Events in times of crisis

However, the crisis put a stop to this fifth summer full of friendship.
Events were not allowed to continue, festivals were canceled.
Meetings were limited and friends have to be missed.

Many initiatives were devised for and by the events sector to keep them going. Because what is a festival without friends, visitors, artists or fans?
And above all, what are friends, visitors, artists and fans without events?


This is the moment when Festival Onder Vrienden knocked on our door.
They came up with an initiative that means win-win for all parties; selling merchandise.

Thanks to the merchandise, the organization is currently generating cash flow. Under their motto 'from friends, for friends' they created merchandise with their recognizable logos.
Together we developed high-quality, recognizable and above all beautiful merchandise that can be worn by everyone.

They started with socks, t-shirts for friends and girlfriends, caps and totebags.
Then came the hoodies and beanies. And who knows what else is coming!

The advantages of their smart approach

Thanks to their approach, they not only generate cash flow. They create real ambassadors and encourage them to visit their events in the future.

How do they do this?
By buying clothes, fans can earn back their garment by going to future events.
When they buy a €30 t-shirt, they receive a €10 voucher per edition to buy drinks vouchers with.
This way, they can depreciate their t-shirt on 3 events.
In this way Festival Onder Vrienden makes their community grow and provides extra customers for the future. Win-win.

Win-win it is for sure

The results of their initiative are very promising. Reorder have been placed and new products are coming soon!

Looking for a way to achieve better results faster?
We like to think along with you! Contact us and go for win-win!

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Festival Onder Vrienden is an organization from Ghent that strives to organize events and/or experiences in order to bring together groups of friends.

Together they want to create a large family of friends.

Industry: Events
Location: Ghent, Belgium


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