Holland 8: Merchandise As A Tool

by Janne


For top athletes in the Netherlands, in a lesser-known sport such as rowing, the reward depends on the results achieved.


As soon as a team obtains the 'A-status', a monthly limited salary is paid by the government. Completely different from soccer players.

As a team you get the 'A-status' when you reach the set goal.
Holland 8 has to finish in sixth place at the World Cup and become fifth at the European Championships. If they don't get these places, their 'A-status' will be lost and they won't be rewarded anymore. 
In addition to the healthy stress to get the titles, the financial stress is also definitely present. More depends on it than just getting the title. If they lose the 'A-status', they have to look for a job. This makes training more difficult as they often train twice a day.

Red Bull as sponsor


They went looking for ways to get money through other things. Selling personalized merchandise to fans gives them some margin. The solution came in the form of CREATE sweaters, sliders, socks and caps.

In the podcast, Bjorn van den Ende, athlete and part of Holland 8, explains how they used their merchandise. Discover it here.

The rowing team flaunts the Red Bull logo on their clothing and caps.
Thanks to them, training abroad is now feasible. The Red Bull people were also the first to contact us to design and make premium merchandise for Holland 8.

Their merchandise is sold through their webshop and the proceeds not only relieve the financial pressure but they also use it to enable the purchase of material for training courses.

Holland 8 in the picture


Fans become ambassadors when wearing merchandise from their favorite team.

And that's one way they make themselves visible. Through social media they share training videos. On their website you can find all information about their trainings and you can easily reach the webshop.

Curious about the team? Join the 15K fans and follow what they do!

Their result?

Their CREATE sweaters, sliders, socks and caps sell extremely fast thanks to their rapidly growing Instagram profile.
The team is now also in direct contact with Merchandise Essentials to facilitate reorders.

5-redbull sports sweater

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About Holland 8

Holland 8 is the olympic rowing team of the Netherlands.
The team trains in Amstelveen and is keeping their eyes on the ultimate goal: a gold medal in Tokio.

Industry: Sports
Team Size: 10+ members
Location: The Netherlands


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