Gediflora: the "Plus One-campaign"

by Janne

A real family business


Gediflora is a real family business and global leader in R&D for the Mum flower industry. With Christmas coming up, they wanted to show some love to their employees at the Belgium HQ.

To stress the fact that they are a family owned business, they wanted to involve the families of the employees for their Christmas campaign.

"Plus one"

When receiving an invitation and being told to bring your +1, you bring the most important person in your life, right?

So we invented the 'Plus One' campaign for them.
We designed create beanies and scarves with subtle Gediflora branding.
A custom box was made for packing these produced items.

In name of Gediflora we shipped the package (all over Europe) and delivered it as a surprise to all the doorsteps of the 'Plus Ones'.
The package included a card, handwritten by the owners of Gediflora.

Happy ambassadors

This campaign was a massive success, they got a lot of pictures and thank you messages from almost every employee (and family member).
This campaign created a lot of goodwill amongst their employees and showed that Gediflora didn't only care about their work, but also about their family life.

Here are some of the photos the owners of Gediflora received:


image007 (1)

Almost Christmas!

Want to thank your employees for doing an amazing job during these uncertain times? Show them you care and surprise them with a custom package!

Make your employees motivated and get true company ambassadors in return; that's a win-win! Because everybody wearing the branded merch is an extra bonus in awareness and mouth to mouth sales!
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About Gediflora

Gediflora is a real family business and global player when it comes to the breeding and propagation of ball-shaped chrysanthemums.
They deliver cuttings from Brazil and Africa to cultivators worldwide, as well as from the USA for the American and Canadian market.
Their wide range of exclusive breeds and families is known under the brand name ‘Belgian Mums‘.

‘Mum’, the abbreviation of ‘chrysanthemum’ is an international name, which is recognized for the rich flowering, typically Belgian pot chrysanthemum.
Furthermore, ‘mum’ also refers to the Belgian parent company with headquarters in Oostnieuwkerke: the central hub of the business and its main distribution point.

Industry: Biotechnology
Company Size: 25+ employees
Location: Oostnieuwkerke, Belgium


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