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3x increase in website traffic
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Case Study: Claudette

by Sarah, on June 4, 2020

Claudette, a new and unique Belgian aperitif beer. To give that extra touch to their beer brand, Claudette's managers came to Merchandise Essentials.

The goal - To market speciality beers and turn customers into ambassadors.

Claudette wants to use merchandise to expand their market. They see merchandise as a tool to support their brand.

The ChallengeVisuals-Claudette-tekst-min

Claudette wants to make their unique beer attractive and also highlight the 40th anniversary of their restaurant Petit Paris.

In addition, they were challenged to launch a new beer in the midst of the corona crisis. It was planned this way, so they did.


The result

Claudette beer can be ordered online, there you can choose a number of bottles, or you can go for the full experience and immediately order a luxury gift box.

It contains 6 bottles of Claudette, a special Claudette glass, a Claudette sweater, a cup of Saltverk Brich Smoked Salt (which by the way is also included in the beer) and an extra surprise.

Visuals-Claudette_Tekengebied 1-minBy adding merchandise to the total experience, the brand increases their brand awareness and they are stimulating ambassadorship.

The beers have a vintage look, this is by the way continued in their merch products.

This is often a topic of conversation and that's how your ambassadors are created - THE ultimate marketing tool.

Not only beers that are on top of mind of the Belgians can sell merchandise. Also the specialty beers that have only just entered the scene get off to a flying start with all the trimmings.

If you're ready to take your branding to the next level, click here for more information.

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