Nieuwpoort: Welcome aboard!

by Birgit

A bustling city

During the last two years, Nieuwpoort Tourism has undergone a metamorphosis.
A new look & feel was introduced, resulting in a new website, daily new posts on social media and a rebranding of all printed matter.

Nieuwpoort uses the traditional channels for promotion, but the city is always looking for new ways to stand out. We translated Nieuwpoort’s dynamic and fresh new look into unforgettable merchandise.


City icons as inspiration for a merch line

Let’s be clear: Nieuwpoort is hot!
The introduction of a custom merchandise collection has turned citizens and tourists into true city ambassadors


Nieuwpoort decided on polo’s, sweaters en
hoodies with the tagline #nptlover.

The iconic lighthouse and the famous marine strips are also featured in the collection.
By using these instantly recognizable city symbols, the merch line turned into a must-have for everyone who has a soft spot for the wonderful city of Nieuwpoort.

Young and old

Even the smallest Nieuwpoort fans can jump aboard the merch ship.
For them, two new mascottes were introduced.


Gust Garnaal (Gust Shrimp) and Zoë Zeehond (Zoë the Sea Lion) are the new stars of the Kidsproof Activity Book. Furthermore, they shine on the new kid’s t-shirts, sweaters and oh-so-cute baby body’s.

There’s something for every #nptlover!

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About Nieuwpoort

Nieuwpoort is one of the most pittoreske seaside cities the Belgian coast has to offer.

Take a bike ride along the shore and admire the statue Goddess of the wind or the Kind Albert I monument.

Visit the nature reserve De Ijzermonding where the Yser river meets the sea, resulting in a unique biotope for diverse fauna and flora.
Stroll down the main shopping street and enjoy the many boutiques.

In short, a visit to Nieuwpoort is guaranteed to leave you relaxed and inspired.

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Company Size: +11,000 citizens
Location: Belgium


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