BAVET: a success story

by Birgit

Grow and strengthen the community

Bavet has a lot of regular customers who love to go grab a quick bite, order take out or opt for a food truck at their personal events.
To strengthen their brand, Bavet needed one more little push. That one extra thing that would clearly set them apart from the competition. They needed their clients to be real life ambassadors. The most efficient way to make that happen, was beautiful, qualitative merchandise.

The challenge

When a company decides to start using merch, the big challenge is to get people to actually wear it. Bavet and Merchandise Essentials got together for a brainstorm that quickly yielded results: for each season, Bavet had fitting merch and accessories. 


Once the merch is finished and in your hands, it’s time to use it in the correct way. Bavet did this splendidly.

They launched an online campaign through their social media, but also made sure they were visible and approachable at their restaurants and events. A collaboration with influencer Elodi Gabias followed, resulting in cool videos and pictures all over Instagram.

Watch the video below and discover the swimsuits we made:



The result

A ton of posts on social media generated an enormous amount of online visibility. Because Bavet took their merch to the streets, offline visibility was also a guarantee. An excellent campaign, if you ask us!



  • Fleece blankets. Not just ordinary blankets, but in the shape of giant bibs
    (Bavet is dutch for ‘bib’). They provide it when people want to eat outside not only to keep them warm, but to prevent them from spilling tomato sauce on their clothes. People used it later on at home as well, keeping Bavet top of mind.
  • Beanies. Cold outside? The Bavet ambassadors wore the trendy beanies decorated with a fitting quote. Even without the official Bavet logo, the beanies are a real conversation starter.
  • Socks. With a cosy spaghetti pattern, the socks were sold to support a good cause. They sold quickly, yet again helping the offline visibility.


Summer merch:

  • Swimming suits. The Bavet swimming suits were a huge hit last summer, supported by a massive online campagne. Who doesn't want this bathing suit?
  • Caps. Bavet employees received cool caps and wore them during work at summer festivals, but also during their daily lives.


The collections were a huge succes en the Bavet community grew bigger and stronger than ever. This goes to show that qualitative and trendy merchandise really is a big hit with your customers.

Topics:Food & Beverages

About Bavet

A place where friends and family gather to enjoy delicious spaghetti with a touch of rock ‘n roll. Next to serving spaghetti, Bavet also organises events and is present on festivals with their foodtruck.

Over the past years, Bavet has grown into 10 establishments all over Belgium. One big community of people of all ages who just can’t get enough of spaghetti, music and comedy.

Industry: Food
Company Size: 50+ employees
Location: Belgium


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