Case Study: Accent

by Sarah

Accent is one of Belgium’s biggest employment agencies with over 230 offices nationwide.


The employment agency industry is highly competitive and is all about people. So in order to stay ahead of the competition Accent was looking for new and creative ways to reach new candidates. Given their recent rebranding, they also wanted to increase their visibility.


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Together with Accent we created an entire merchandise collection ranging from T-shirts to sportswear, sweaters, salopettes and more. All items were created from scratch and finished in Accent’s own pantone colors, which is quite unique!

The result? Employees are now wearing their one of a kind sweaters in their spare time or while traveling. The striking but classy and refined merch is being worn by hundreds of people in their offices and on events. Needless to say this massively increased their exposure.


The unique thing about the Accent case is that we made their merchandise from scratch. We dyed the fabric in their specific Pantone colors, now they wear one of a kind sweaters and T-shirts

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