Niels Vandecasteele

Niels Vandecasteele

Founder of Merchandise Essentials

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by Niels Vandecasteele, on July 15, 2020

BY OUR VERY OWN NIELS VANDECASTEELE #1 THE GAP IN THE MARKET People are constantly looking for that one gap in the market. But in fact, there are more gaps …

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by Niels Vandecasteele, on April 7, 2020

A question we, at Merchandise Essentials, get all the time is how to use your merchandise budget in the most effective way. In what follows, we are happy to give …

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by Niels Vandecasteele, on April 2, 2020

Everybody loves company swag, but starting your own company merchandise collection is a serious task. You have to juggle designs, products, sizes, stock levels, shipments and more on top of …

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In 2015 Merchandise Essentials consisted out of two young guys with big dreams. Working out of their parents’ living room they started turning those dreams into goals.

The living room became a 600m2 office space with a showroom. The two man team turned into a workforce of more than 30 young and talented individuals who are now designing and producing merchandise for brands and businesses in 43 countries.


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