An introduction to Customer Reactivation Marketing

by Birgit Raes

An introduction to Customer Reactivation Marketing

Customer Reactivation Marketing is a marketing tool that nowadays is gaining popularity like crazy.

I’m sure you recognise this: you email back and forth with a customer or even call them regularly until abruptly, they vanish from the face of the earth. These are ‘sleeping contacts’ and your company isn’t getting a lot of business from them. 

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of guides out there to teach you how to wake up these sleeping contacts, but rest assured: we’ve got you. 

The advantages of Customer Reactivation Marketing 

The idea is elegantly simple: it’s cheaper to keep an existing client and resell your products to them instead of signing on a new client. New clients cost your company up to five times more (!) than existing clients.

The reason you should contact the clients who seem to have disappeared, is that you know exactly what their wants and needs are. You know how to fix a problem they might have. Also, they’re far more likely to buy from you.

Studies show that an existing client will positively react to a pitch 60-70% of the time, whereas a new lead only has a 5-20% possibility to turn into a client.

This goes to show how much money is just waiting for you, disguised as sleeping contacts.

Okay cool, but how do i ‘reactivate’ them?clothing-clipart-salesperson-13

Time and time again, the old trusted email has shown itself to be the best way to reactivate clients. Easy enough for you, just set up an automated email sequence, contacting sleeping clients ever so often.

It’s also a great idea to grab your phone and give old clients a call, but that’s not really an option for big businesses, given the size of their clientele. That’s why email is your best friend. The steps to follow are quite simple:

  • Identify sleeping contacts

This is where most companies already encounter difficulties. It greatly depends on the service you provide; e.g. sunscreen sells best during summer. Winter might be a more relaxed time of the year, but that doesn’t mean all the contacts are dormant. 

If your services are needed year round, you should try and monitor how long a contact hasn’t opened his or her emails, or better: when they placed their last order. A good rule of thumb is the following: if you haven’t heard you lead in 90 days, it’s a sleeping contact. 

Try to use different email approaches, segregating you clients by gender, age, preferred products, budget…

  • Prepare your message

Once you’ve turned your clientele into target groups, you’ll have to prepare 2 or 3 emails over a period of ten days for each of those groups. 

Put the emails into an automated sequence. That way, you don’t lose valuable time and manpower, and the emails get to your sleeping contacts without having to give it a second thought.

  • Try, try and keep on trying

If you’re a marketeer, you’ve probably already heard that testing is your best friend. As in every aspect of marketing, it’s important to keep track of the results of the automated sequence. The more tests you run, the more effective the emails will become, resulting in more clients!

Bonus Tip

Send some merchandise to sleeping clients to get back into contact. It reminds them of how much you care for them while providing them with cool swag.

Merchandise is a guaranteed way to turn sleeping contacts into clients once again. Worst case scenario: you’ve given cool merch to someone who will probably wear it and promote your business that way. Free advertising!

If merchandise sounds like something for you, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re glad to help.

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