Advanced screen printing

by Basiel

Spot color separation

Screen printing is a technique that is used very often. Almost every design can be printed with screen printing, except for designs with a lot of details and gradients. If you have a detailed design, we advise you to do spot color separation, it’s an advanced technique to do screen printing.

A design with a lot of colors and gradients can be printed with screen print color separation. The design is broken down to the individual color components. This process of isolating the colors is called color separation.

You can choose screen color separation if you want to print 300 or more pieces. It’s an expensive printing technique, but with a dazzling result.

Spot Color Seperation

For example, this design can be printed with spot color separation. There are a lot of different colors. When you zoom in the image, there are a lot of dots. The closer the different color dots are together, the more brighter the color is.

For example, this design has red, yellow and orange. If there is more dark orange: there will be more red and pink dots than yellow dots on that spot. If there is more light orange, there will be more yellow and white dots and less red dots. Look at the pictures below, and you will understand what I mean.

This is the design. You can notice that there are a lot of different colors and gradients. Let’s look at the color orange.

In a computer program like Photoshop, the design is broken down to the individual color components: the dots.

Spot Color Seperation the dots

This spot, is a light orange area of the design. So there are more yellow and white dots.

Spot Color Seperation Yellow & White Dots

This is more light orange: as there are more yellow and white dots then red and pink. This is an advanced printing technique and requires Photoshop skills.

Now you know everything about screen printing.

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