7 ways to make your company culture a marketing tool

7 ways to make your company culture a marketing tool

Nowadays, young people aren’t just looking for jobs. They’re looking for companies that reflect their values and ethics. A great way to attract young talent, is to use your company culture as a bonus to an interesting, challenging job. Here’s 7 ways to make sure your company culture doesn’t go unnoticed. 

  • Write out attractive job offers

If you want to attract the right people for your company, you have to be able to come up with attractive job offers. For many young people, this might be the first ever they hear from you, so you better make it memorable. 


Consider targeting specific focus groups on social media with a cool video instead of submitting a written job offer on an online database. After all, sifting through pages and pages of job offers can get really tedious. Try to stand out as much as you can while recruiting employees. 

Try to give some pointers of what the climate is like at the office. I’ve read a job offer of a company that was looking for a ‘sales jedi’. It stood out in a very obvious way, because it was unlike the traditional job offers and it was clear that the office was a friendly, be it a slightly nerdy environment. 

So try to come up with eye-catching job descriptions, explain what is to be expected when walking into office the first day.

Do you have a young team or are you working with more experienced employees? Are company outings usually sporting events of cultural endeavors? Is there a long standing competition of ping pong going on during lunch breaks? Let the applicant know! It will make you stand out in a positive way. 

  • Use your website

If a company doesn’t have a website, does it really exist? For most young people, the answer is no. A website is not just a cool thing to have anymore, it’s a necessity for any modern day business. There’s heaps of free templates to use or people to hire to make a functional and user-friendly home on the web. 


Are you using your website to its full potential, though? What information can we find on who your employees are? Are there pictures of them? Is there mention of any team activities? Think about adding a ‘Team’-page on the website to put up pictures of team outings, exceptional accomplishments or new team members. 

  • Social media is your friend

The tool that brought companies to their knees or made their success skyrocket: social media. Today, we all have a previously unseen platform of communication at our fingertips. It would be foolish not to use this to your advantage.

Social media should be used as often and as thoughtfully as possible by every company no matter the service you provide. It’s a great way to get your brand out there, contacting possible clients worldwide with just a few clicks. 


Of course, you want your online image to be as big, relevant and clean as possible. Luckily, that’s for the most part up to you. A lot of companies nowadays hire social media experts, specialized in molding the company’s online existence through carefully worded posts and expertly staged pictures. 

Use social media to network and to generate leads, but also to get your company culture out there. You want to be perceived as healthy, athletic and energetic? Share a picture on Instagram of the employees working out in the company gym! You’d like a more stylish, sophisticated allure? Maybe think about writing an interesting LinkedIn post on your newest project.


Here’s a tip to get the most out of your social media: post steadily (never letting a week pass without any posts), always keep communication positive and stick to a theme. Your social media page should have a certain aesthetic. Try to always use the same filter, pick some slogans you’ll use regularly and be consistent in the colors and use of emojis. 

Don’t sleep on podcasts, either. The relatively new audio phenomenon has quickly found millions of fans worldwide thanks to its simple premise and convenience. Record a podcast, go as a guest speaker on other companies’ podcasts and make hours of readily available content.

  • Printed media is not to be avoided

Although online magazines and newspapers have been on the rise for years now, traditional media still has its place and it would be an error to overlook the power of a printed article. It has a certain dignity to it that online media can’t always replicate.

Don’t be picky; any positive publicity is more than welcome! Call your local paper if you’re having an event, get in contact with business magazines to get an editorial and a spread in next month’s issue. Try to always link a media appearance to a new product, a big project or any success story you can think of. 

  • Invite people over for a networking event

The best way to get people acquainted with your company culture, is to invite them to your company! Give customers, potential employees and potential clients a chance to peek behind the curtains and really experience the company. 

The best way to really show off your company culture, is to use as much of your employees as possible as points of contact. Have them introduce you on stage, let them staff the bar and make sure they have plenty of possibilities to network themselves during the event.


To see your employees interacting with each other and third parties during these events, will give visitors a unique insight of what it’s really like at the office. If everything is organized as it should be, an event like this could be a real boost to your image.

  • Keep these keywords in mind: consistency and authenticity

In order to be believable, the communication you put out has to be consistent and authentic. 

First of all, people have to be sure that they will be provided with a consistent flow of content. Try to post at least two to three times a week on each platform you’re active one.

Secondly, the communication has to be authentic. There’s a lot of information and content out there and it’s frustrating to see the same posts being reposted and recycled time and time again. Try not to repost, except when you have a valuable addition to make. 

  • Merch 

Merch is a great way to show your company culture through fashion. By carefully selecting products to suit your target audience, you can substantially make your brand’s name top of mind again.


Not only will merch give you a lot of opportunities for cool posts to put on your social media, it’s also a great way of advertising in the real, offline world.

The only catch here is to go for eco friendly, qualitative and beautiful merch that people will actually wear during their daily lives. We at Merchandise essentials are glad to help!

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