7 Undeniable misconceptions as to why marketeers hate merchandise…

by Rick Van Dam

Just like any other organization we face prejudices and misconceptions. Some of which are positive but most of them are negative and not true! Therefore, we decided to sum up the seven biggest misconceptions about merchandise for you. Are they familiar? We understand! That’s why we like to explain why these don’t apply to us.

1. Trash! The quality is terrible

T-shirts are too small after you wash them and screen-prints that disappear like snow in the burning sun. Not only is it very disappointing, it’s also a waste of investment.




At Merchandise Essentials we exclusively deliver quality. Besides that, we produce all of our products in Europe and we only use sustainable textile like ecological cotton, recycled polyester and recycled cardboard. Our products are made to wear and keep their shape and quality. You can ask that to one of our 4000 customers in over 43 countries.


2. Why don’t you read this encyclopedia first…

Imagine, you have an awesome idea for some brand-new merchandise. Then the last thing you want to do is to read a big catalogue, isn’t it? That’s supposed to be our job.


Reden 2


Exactly! We purposely choose not to work with a big catalogue. You will get tailored advise to your plans based on our years of expertise. Our work starts with your idea or challenge and look for the best product to match the goal. If you really want to scroll through everything we offer, please take a look here!


3. Ah… a pen! That will fit nicely with my other hundred pens!

Isn’t it the worst to come home after a fair with lighters and USB sticks from the ice age? Or how about that pen you receive from your supplier after being a loyal customer for five years straight? Not necessarily motivating, right?


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At Merchandise Essentials we don’t compete with gadgets. Products like pens, lighters and powerbanks don’t contribute to the ambassadorship which you’re trying to achieve for your company. Have you ever met anyone that recommended you a certain company because of their free mouse mats?


4. Oh, that old thing? I wear it to mow the lawn.

Do you know that T-shirt that only appears when you’re moving and spends the rest of its time in the back of a closet? Or that paint-stained-sweater you wore when you were finishing the last baby-room.



Reden 4


Everyone has his own stack of old, ugly t-shirts at the bottom of the closet which is a missed opportunity for those companies. Luckily, we know what to do to make sure that you don’t end up on that stack. The sentence “Are you wearing that … sweater again?”- is what we’re striving for. If you check out this page you’ll soon understand what we’re talking about!


5. If you pay double now, ill give you half…! Deal?

Unfortunately, there are still representatives that want to sell you anything no matter the cost. They just want you to buy stuff regardless of whether or not it’s beneficial for you. Often, they’re wasting time (both yours and theirs) and mostly they’re just really annoying.


reden 5


Our team consists of specialized advisors and product experts. Because we value both your and our time, we don’t like wasting it on crappy sales tricks. We like to think along and try to support you in a creative way in order to achieve your goal. Like we mentioned earlier, your goal is our starting point.


6. I wouldn’t wear this if I got paid!

Everyone has surely seen it before, a t-shirt with a screaming design purely to stimulate temporary promotion. It’s a waste of investment and negative for your brand in the long run.



Reden 6



Merchandise is definitely meant to be seen! But there is there is definitely a line… Nobody wants to walk around like a walking billboard. Which is why you need a thought-out design that is just enough to start the conversation. That way you’ll really stand out on fairs, events, meetings, …


7. 7. Hey! I have this one already!

Pens, lighters and flags, we’ve mentioned them before. The same garbage with a different logo. How are you going to differ from your competitors?


Reden 7


You want to stand out, be unique, surprise and maybe even shock people! How can you do that? Make your own clothing from scratch! From labels and patches to fully customized packaging and hangtags which apply to your style and brand. Does it sound awesome already? Please contact us non-committal so we can tell you more about it!


To summarize, at Merchandise Essentials you’re not gonna find ordinary merchandise! Curious about the chances and opportunities? Please visit one of our showrooms so you can see, hear, feel, smell or even taste the quality of our merchandise.


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