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7 hints to make the most of social media for place marketing

Using social media is a must for a well thought out and executed place marketing campaigns. These tools can strengthen your place marketing efforts and will give you the opportunity to communicate efficiently with your inhabitants. Our experts have listed the 7 most important tips and tricks to help cities in their place marketing strategy.

How to make the most out of social media for place marketing

Hint 1: Repost

Place marketing is all about the solidarity and participation of everyone in the city. By supporting this movement and being active on social media, you create the desired image of your city. In this way, the various stakeholders of your city can also see that the city is active and communicates. So we have one message for your place marketing manager: content, content and even more content!

Hint 2: Social media takeover

It is important to involve the different stakeholders of your city and put them in the spotlight for your place marketing campaign. By giving them the chance to take over the helm of your social media, you can create a true community. Enthusiastic ambassadors of your city can express their pride in their own way. For example, you can let your proud inhabitants go 'live' on Facebook or Instagram to promote certain events or actions they’re engaged in.

Hint 3: Don’t forget locations

By adding locations to your various posts, you can make media more relevant to your followers. This way, they can discover where different pictures were taken in the city. Great events, authentic shops or special and characteristic places of the city can also be better highlighted. For example, it's popular to show off the creative street art in your city, guiding your followers through the city and making them curious for more.

Hint 4: Create your own cool merchandise

If you give proud ambassadors of your city the chance to wear a distinctive and fun piece of clothing from the city, this could have a lot of positive consequences. This increases the attractiveness of your city and spreads your image by highlighting the merchandise through social media. This way, friends of friends get to see this and your popularity increases. People who will wear your merchandise can thus identify with your city and feel connected to the city and to each other. Think of a nice T-shirt or sweater with a creative design of your city.

The city of New York knew this like no other. With the 'I Heart New York' campaign, the city had one of the best place marketing campaigns in the world. In the '70s, the American Metropolis had a very bad image. Drugs, increasing crime, poverty are words that we don't easily associate with New York today, but they did at that time. Through the 'I Heart New York' campaign, the city created the positive image we currently have of New York.

A new logo was exposed to tourists in various ways. This enabled them to buy all kinds of gadgets. The most famous item is the 'I Love New York' T-shirt. These shirts made New York visible worldwide. The tourists became walking billboards and urged other people to visit New York as well. There was a real hype around the city.

T-shirts of New York (Place marketing, Merchandise Essentials)

Hint 5: Respond to current events

By proactively investigating on which special or important days you can mean something as a city, you show that you are sympathetic to the people involved in the city. You can respond to fun occasions, events or actions throughout the year and you get to show your strong communication skills.

Hint 6: Let’s share!

Make sure that the people who care about your city also have the opportunity to share some enthusiastic or important news. By doing this, you make sure that their friends and acquaintances are informed as well. In this way, there’s a chance that they’ll also be interested in your city. Integrate sharing options that make it possible to spread these messages on every social media channel. You want the ambassadors of your city to create a 'buzz'. Others will also experience this positive energy and gradually become ambassadors of your city. That is why it’s so important to promote an active and participative mentality, since you want to create a real community of the city.

Take a look at the Facebook pages of Amsterdam or Toronto. They use social media to tell a certain story about their city. Their Instagram accounts do not remain unmoved either.  

Hint 7: Peek at the work of others

Last but not least: keep an eye on other cities as well. By following other popular cities with good content marketing, you can keep on learning. In this way you’ll quickly find out which hashtags are popular and which media are most appealing. This way you know how your city can distinguish itself even better from the approach of competing regions. In short, peek and learn! A good example is the city of Paris, which has fully grasped the social media game and always ensures a consistent approach across all channels for their campaigns. 

Need help?

Are you an important actor in your city and would you like to focus more intensively on place marketing? We have a team of experts who are actively working on this item and who fully understand your needs.

Merchandise is a strategic way to focus on your target groups and put your city on the map as attractively as possible. A fun and creative T-shirt or sweater is often the start of an interesting conversation about your city. 

Contact one of our account managers to discover the possibilities with merchandise.

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